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Firm ~ Plush ~ Euro and  Pillow Top ~ Memory Foam and Gel Memory Foam ~ Hybrid

We recommend you spend the most your budget will allow, if you spend more you will get more in your new mattress purchase! The good thing is with Mattress Co Plus you can rest assured you are getting the best value and price for quality sleep products. An investment well worth it!

When should I replace my mattress?

Your mattress is over nine years old.

You wake up during the night with stiffness, numbness or with aches and pains not feeling rested in the morning.

You would rather fall asleep and slumber anywhere or somewhere other than your own bed.

Your mattress shows visible signs of ware and you see lumps and dips in your mattress. (it sags, has lumps or bumbs , the interior is exposed, etc.)

You wake up feeling just as tired as or more tired than when you went to bed.


 It's about you and unique to you - At Mattress Co Plus, we strive to provide the best products for the most optimal nights sleep possible to all our customers. To better help you choose a mattress, we use a comfort guide that helps provide some idea as to the softness or  firmness of each mattress. However, because each manufacturer uses different types of materials including coils, gel foams, memory foams, latex, and quilting, firmness will vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer as well as mattress-to-mattress. It is very important that you check the softness or firmness of the bed you intend to purchase to ensure the softness, firmness and comfort is right for you.

Basic Firmness General Description
Cushion Firm Soft, yet supportive. Excellent for kids or guest beds.
Firm very supportive, uses firm quilting and foams to provide stability and a tight feel.
Extra firm dense foams and strong coils are used to provide extra support and a firm hard comfort.
Plush soft foams and quilting provide a softer, more cushioning sleep surface with softer feel of support.
Pillow-Top pillow-like top layer provides extra soft cushioning. Can be combined with other materials to provide softer comfortable yet supportive sleep. They now have a firmer feeling pillow-top models as well.
Euro-Top similar to pillow top with a more square tailoring. Euro-top mattresses provide extra layers of foam to enhance comfort. Euro-top mattresses can be found in various firmnesses of their own, where the manufacturer provides extra stability and support through using various comfort materials.

At Mattress Co Plus we seek to provide the highest quality mattresses, bedding, and sleep products to our customers. To better help you gauge your sleep needs and where products fit in your budget, we've provided a subjective quality guage from good to extra luxury. While good is lower than luxury, it does not indicate the manufacturer's product is of lesser workmanship, rather it relates to the cost and kinds of materials used in the product. A product with a quality rating of "good" is an excellent choice for kid's beds or guest rooms. A mattress with a quality rating of "extra-luxury" is made with the highest quality materials and is often made with many luxurious materials and enhanced techology. The cost of these products will be reflected in their quality rating with promotional and good representing the economical model, and excellent, specialty, and extra luxury representing products of the highest workmanship and materials.

For more sleep tips and information on the best mattress for you, contact our mattress and bedding experts today.

​Save everyday. Sleep better!

Most people will spend at least 2,500 hours in bed each year (averaging about 7 hours per night).
Multiply that by an average of 8 years and that totals at least 20,000 hours spent in bed!

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